Poker Las Vegas Videos And Hd Footage

Poker Las Vegas Videos And Hd Footage

Kelly Valleau – An acoustic version from his Youtube channel. Eric Calderone – Now you can headbang to the whole song, not just that one section near the end, with this heavy metal rendition. Enunc8r – His lovely performance of Edgar Cruz’s arrangement has over 2 million views. Alip Ba Ta – A lovely fingerstyle version that has over 8 million views on his channel. Queen Cover Project – Part of their acoustic version of the entire album on their channel. Roxbel – Solo violin cover, playing along to Queen’s original backing track

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Tempus Quartet – A performance on 2 cellos and 2 violins, with a bass guitar adding a bit of backing. Royal Academy of Music Quartet – Posted by Queen on their official channel, along with a video of interviews with those involved.

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They’ve also shared some amusing outtakes, and the song was featured on the news in BBC Points West. Trinidad de Valencia – Performed live at a choral contest, winning first prize in the youth section for the second year in a row. Christ University Choir – A 2017 performance by this group from India. Rock4 – An arrangement from their impressive cover of the entire album, which they also performed live at the Dutch Queen Convention on 23 October 2010. Qw4rtz – A good performance by this Canadian group from a 2019 telethon.

Josh Plotner – An impressive arrangement played entirely by Josh on a variety of woodwind instruments, including saxophones, flutes, clarinets recorders, an oboe and an English horn. JK Sax – An enjoyable solo performance from his Youtube channel. Stockholm Changing Of The Guard – An entertaining version for the gathered crowd. Brass Band De Wâldsang – A nice version by this band from the Netherlands. Taliesin Orchestra – A very different, elaborate and extended re-arrangement of the song, from their Rock Rhapsody album. PiotreQ – Orchestral Remix – A mashup of Queen’s original with a version by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, available on hisReworks album. Summer By The River, London Bridge City – A thousand people singing in unison in the capital as a band plays the tune on stage.

Hoërskool Rustenburg Choir, Rustenburg High School, South Africa – A fantastic cover with a very stylish music video. Esperanza Azteca – A beautiful concert performance backed by a full orchestra. Eliza Fyfe’s Singing Students – Choirantine – Sung from their homes during the 2020 Covid pandemic.

The Queen Symphony – An orchestral performance at the Seedamm Mall, Switzerland on 7 February 2015. Takes a few minutes to get going while everyone gets into position, so you can skip forward to about the 3-minute mark if you wish, but it’s good fun when they get into it. Voice Of Unity & PSM Cantate Domino – A lovely version recorded from people’s homes in the summer of 2020, during the Covid pandemic. University Of Exeter Chapel Choir – Maybe I’m biased as a former student of this fine university, but I think this version is glorious. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Choir – An upbeat version performed at a Varsity Sings concert.

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Aaron Meyer – From the violinist’s album Hang On to Your Pants. He also gave a couple of performances for radio station 101.9 KINK in the Skype Live Studio in Portland, presented by Keep Oregon Well and Country Financial. You can also see a performance from their 15th annual Holiday Concert, and another for a small audience in a Portland hotel room.

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