Akbar Humayun

Traveller . Real Estate Developer . Entrepreneur

Akbar Humayun (Aki Humayun) is one of the top Real Estate developers who has expanded his real estate company and has developed gated communities in Faisalabad. He is the founder of Wadi-e-Sitara. Wadi-e-Sitara is the largest privately held real estate in Faisalabad. Located near Gatwala Toll Plaza, Wadi-e-Sitara is a perfect place for people who love to build the home of their dreams.

Apart from owning a Real Estate business, Akbar Humayun owns a fantabulous collection of top-notch vehicles. He is also the key individual behind organizing large scale auto shows in Faisalabad. This is not it; Akbar Humayun is also very fond of traveling and loves to explore new cultures. He has visited various countries including UK, USA, China, UAE, Turkey, and many more. As he has a taste for traveling, Mr. Akbar also likes to try new cuisines. Mr. Akbar Humayun also has a great interest in music and loves to join cultural and qawali nights.

  • 03206469536
  • i.akbarhumayun@gmail.com
  • Wadi-e-Sitara, Faisalabad

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